Advertise with us

We welcome Advertisers on our digital platforms. We offer the below mentioned slots which may be subject to change in the future. All changes will be appended in the terms and conditions page and communicated to existing users by our representative. Ad rates will vary for multiple same time access.

Ad Size:1000 x 200 Pixels
Format:JPEG, PNG, Gif,
Animation:15 seconds (With replay Button)
Sound:Not allowed
Rate: 1Rs.2,000 (Month) , Rs.100 (Day) Christian Ads
Rate: 2Rs. 3,500 (Month) , Rs.300 (Day) Secular Ads
For Further Details Contact:
[email protected]
Cell: +91 6379 656 692

YouTube Ads – Start Now – Promote Your Video

Give an ad before the start of the video

10 secondsRs 1,500 (One Video)
20 secondsRs 2,500 (One Video)
30 secondsRs 3,500 (One Video)
For Further Details Contact:
[email protected]
Cell: +91 6379 656 692

Give advertisement at the end of the video

10 secondsRs 1,000 (One Video)
20 secondsRs 2,000 (One Video)
30 secondsRs 3,000 (One Video)
For Further Details Contact:
[email protected]
Cell: +91 6379 656 692

Publish exclusively for advertising only

1 – 2 minutesRs 2,500 (One Video)
2-4 minutesRs 3,000 (One Video)
4-6 minutesRs 4,000 (One Video)
6-10 minutesRs 5,000 (One Video)
Audio & VideoAllowed
For Further Details Contact:
[email protected]
Cell: +91 6379 656 692

Disclaimer & Terms and Conditions for Online Advertising

If you wish to advertise using us you must agree to the following terms in advance.

1) Only social welfare ads are allowed.

2) Advertise without coercion or coercion.

3) Viewers should be aware that people have full right to accept and reject advertisements.

4) The number of visitors to the ads does not depend on us. At some point you may not get the views you expect. Management is not responsible for it.

5) Ad fee must be paid in full before publication of advertisements. Money paid is non-refundable.

6) The advertiser should take full responsibility for whatever impact your ads have on the community.

After reading and understanding the above terms, if you fully agree, please contact us.