Anna at the Temple!

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ஆலயத்தில் அன்னாள் (ஆங்கிலத்தில்)
From youth to old age
The temple is my sanctuary
Was Anna’s saying,

 “Life is an effort of innate courage
If tirelessly fought
Everything in life
Can be won over easily”
Was the blind
Hellen Keller’s
Experienced observation.

What you are going to read
Is not Sivagami’s vow

When there are
People to read that book
Of eight hundred pages
I believe you will not think
To spare fifteen minutes
To read the poetic article

Anna at the temple
Hannah was the
Mother of Samuel
You will say. No no
This was Phanuel’s daughter

Seven years from her virginity
Journeyed into family life
only for seven years
Because after that life
A sudden sunset

The one who held Anna’s hand
Passed away. That is why
She became like a broken vessel

Like the days of
Malachi and Matthew
Called the Dark ages
The life of Anna
Born in this age became
Inexplicably surrounded by darkness
Anna’s courage
And her tireless efforts
Buried the weariness
Which sprouted inside her
And sprouted faith

Inside her
Satan combining
his various weapons
into one created a
single weapon
That weapon
Is the weapon called fatigue!

The weapon that was
Formed against
Anna was the weapon of fatigue
The day she underwent loss
That very day it became ineffective

The ones who
Thought she would buckle
The thoughts repressed,
The situation suppressed

The hurricane
That blew against her
She brought under control

In the temple at Jerusalem
Like a sparrow taking refuge
Did she take refuge
On His alter
The sparrow found a home
And the swallow
A nest where she could lay
Her young said someone
To Anna! (Psalm 84:3)

The disaster that struck
Phanuel’s daughter
Except her,
Affected all that were
Around her

Though I walk
Through the valley of the shadow of death
I will not fear evil
The Lord is with me:
Your rod and your staff
They comfort me
She acted as if she had read
What the Psalmist had written
Entering the entrance of the temple
She seated herself
O God, thou hast taught me
From my youth and hitherto
have I declared Thy wondrous works,
Now O God, forsake me not until I have
showed thy strength unto this generation
And thy power to everyone
That is to come (Psalm 71:17,18)
Amen, with this little prayer
She began her life at the temple

In the year that King Uzziah died
The very eyes that saw Isaiah (Isaiah 6:1)
Saw Anna the virtuous widow

The God who enquired
Of the Egyptian slave girl
Hagar that day enquired about Anna

The temple at Jerusalem
Which Solomon built
Would have resonated that day
With God’s voice!
Fear not, you will not be ashamed
You will forget the shame of your youth
And shall not remember the reproach
Of your widowhood
For your Maker is your husband
As a woman forsaken and
grieved in spirit A wife of youth
who was refused
Has the Lord has called you!
For a small moment
Have I forsaken you
But with great mercies
Will I gather you. (Isaiah 54:4-7)

These words
Would have been
Like anointed words
To the heart of the broken and crushed
Anna who arrived at the temple!

The Prophetess received a
Prophetic word!
Anna’s heart became light

From that day
Till the age of eighty-four
Only the Word of the Lord
Became her food

Fasting and songs of praise
Began from that day
Not a praise and worship for 72 hours
But a praise and worship for 84 years!

Hannah was sent to the temple
To cry and pray By Peninnah

Anna was sent to the temple
To praise pray fast and worship
By the Peninnah called loneliness!

Anna taking refuge
In the temple waiting longingly

In the sanctuary to see the Holy One
Saw with her eyes the Lord (Psalm 63:2)

She who lived comfortably in the city
In life and in death In the days
When she was dying
Anna walked with God In the temple
Like Enoch (Genesis 5:24)

What if there are a thousand
In evil camps it was enough
To be at the entrance of the temple
It was gain to Anna
In her immense devotion to God
(I Timothy 6:6)

From youth to old age
The temple is my sanctuary
Was Anna’s saying,

If Anna had been a girl
And had said that
It would have been superfluous
On the eighth day after birth
Carrying the child Jesus
in their hands Joseph and Mary
Entered into that temple

Old man Simeon came
On every Sabbath day
That day by the revelation of the
Holy Spirit came to the temple
(Luke 2:27)

Do you have to come
To church on hearing
The church bells? Or
Come by the revelation
Of the Spirit?
The answer to these questions are
With this elder

Taking the Child Jesus in his arms
Praised God saying the prophecy
And preparing to leave With the receipt of
that passport was this elder (Luke 2:26)

Seeing this Anna Came and stood there,
The Saviour in Jerusalem
With longing with faith With expectation
To all of them waiting eagerly with her

For the Messiah to come
The expected Messiah has come
She prophesied as a special message
She preached, like a preacher
Conducted the service
For the dedication of the child (Luke 2:38)

The privilege that devoted Old man
Simeon did not receive Was received by
The green ripe olive tree planted
In the temple

For Anna
The first honour
For Mary Magdalene
The first appearance

Both of them
Were broken in life
The former had lived only for seven years
With her husband
The latter had suffered intensely
with seven demons (Luke 8:2)

In creating and using
Broken vessels no one can equal
The Most High Anna’s Holy life in the temple
Was not wasted

Lord Jesus Christ’s
Coming to the temple
That is in the first coming
She peacefully did participate

Having suffered in life
This prophetess called Anna
Having been hit by a storm
Was infallible

In the days of evil Anna
Covered inside the sanctuary
Hidden was lifted up
In the first coming of the Lord Jesus

This work of the Lord
That makes stones shine
Like a lion bravely standing
Pronouncing loudly that
This is the Messiah through whom is salvation

Done not by a famous rabbi
But by a virtuous widow
For more than 60 years
Standing in prayers firmly
At 84 years fasting firmly

Even in old age in her
Was not seen tiredness

Like Anna without accounting
Why did my life become like this
There is no one to support me,
Till the coming of the Lord Jesus
Wait with peace in the temple
Of your God-sustained body
Your faith will not be in vain

In the second coming of the Lord Jesus
You have a part you will see Jesus
(1 Thessalonians 4:17) Hallelujah

Written in Tamil by:
Pastor J. Israel Vidya Prakash
Living Waters Ministry, Madurai – 14.

Translated in English by:
Sis Sulbi Rao, Chennai
Media Translator -tcnmedia

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