Apostolic methods of Church growth

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Apostolic methods of Church growth

A. They closed the gates of hell and opened the doors of heaven.

Heaven opened suddenly with the outpouring of the Holy spirit.


  1. They obeyed trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ and confirmed His promise.
  2. They returned to and tarried in Jerusalem and they claimed the keys of heaven in pondering.
  3. They choose the right replacement.
  4. They prayed together.
  5. They worshiped together.
  6. They gathered in one place with one accord.
  7. They stood with Peter as he preached.

B. They proclaimed pure gospel without dilutions.

  1. They proclaimed the humanity of Jesus Christ.
  2. They preached about the divinity of Jesus Christ.
  3. They declared the death and blood of Jesus Christ.
  4. They witnessed the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  5. They warned the judgement of God
  6. They testified the second coming of Christ with power
  7. They commended to receive the gifts of the Holy spirit.

As a result:
Many were added to the church.

C. Their preaching required such the following of the core values of the membership of the Church.

  1. Repantance
  2. Seperation from perverted community
  3. Common in service
  4. Baptism in water
  5. Baptism in Holy spirit
  6. Fellowship and communion
  7. Prayer and apostalic teachings.

D. They insisted more times of prayers in every circumstances.

  1. They tarried for the infilling of the Holy spirit.
  2. They prayed for the installations of the officers.
  3. They had daily regular prayer time and steadfast in their calls
  4. They prayed together when threatening and intimidating situations occur.
  5. They had personal and corporate prayers.
  6. They interceded for apostles for their deliverence and for their preaching.
  7. They implored the throne of God before the involvement of missions.

As a result.

  1. They preached boldly.
  2. God performed signs and wonders through them.
  3. God had shaken the authorities, prisons, people and witches for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the redemption of His apostles.
  4. Many accepted Jesus Christ and added to the church.

E. They settled conflicts bringing them to the council of apostles.

  1. Pastors reported the issues.
  2. They explained the issues and others listened to the explanations.
  3. They discussed and examined with the words of God.
  4. They were in one accord in resolution with proper agreement.
  5. They had written the resolutions.
  6. They had sent the resolutions to the church with elite people and they had appointed elders to solve the issues and problems.
  7. They commanded to read them in the churches.

As a result.

  1. They are holding peace.
  2. There were joy expanded.
  3. They submitted themselves to grace and the words of God.
  4. Church was edified and gospel was spreading.

F. They executed evangelism and instituted missionary movement under the guidance of Holy spirit.

  1. They proclaimed gospel in every situation.
    a). Soon after receiving Holy spirit.
    b). In the midst of fear and threatening.
    c). In the midst of serving. Stephen and Philip
    d). They were called to preach gospel. Macedonian call.
    e). They traveled to preach
    f). They brought gospel before kings and Jewish council, synogues, houses, before gentiles
    g). Even gospel was preached by persecutor also transformed and preached.
  2. They separated and appointed elders for the ministry that they have been called
  3. They installed missionary team for the spreading of Gospel.
  4. They funded and collected money for the mission.

G. They diligently followed up the churches


  1. They frequently visited the founded churches with apostolic teams like Evangelists, prophets, teachers etc.
  2. They appointed elders to oversee the churches and inquired with the elders about the churches.
  3. They imparted gifts and taught them how to be effective in their missions. Discipleship training also emphasized.
  4. They had penned letters and epistles when the issues raised in the churches and rectified through the letters.

By doing this!

  1. Church grown in number and spiritual standard that is edification throughout the nations rapidly.
  2. Church could display the gifts and fruits of the Holy spirit. Signs and wonders followed regularly.
  3. Gospel and words of God were expanded consistently.
  4. The fear of God in the churches and fear about churches increased day by day awfully.
  5. Those who have appointed for eternity accepted the gospel gladly.
  6. They were steadfast in persecution and suffering. Many even submitted themselves to the martyrdom for the gospel boldly.
  7. Finally they were growing in the love and faith in God for His kingdom and waiting for His second coming eagerly

May the Lord bring the same pattern in our churches for the expansion of His kingdom here in India.


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