Following must be reconsidered

Following must be reconsidered

As far as the recent observation is concerned the following must be reconsidered….

A. We must develop pastoral relationship apart from our worship service, preaching and meetings. Personal relationship is very must important between pastors and believers.

B. We must teach church based ministries and evangelism. We must teach the congregation about the church authority and teach them to avoid unchurch based crusades, prayers and training that do not edify church ministries. God can manifest through Church.

C. We must encourge the church to be mission and missionaries originated and we must teach the congregation to adopt a mission field and missionaries either through our organization or through church based organisation.

D. We must Focus more on biblical teachings and doctrines. Instead of focusing on quantity we must focus more on quality based that is discipleship based.

When we pray God can reveal according to our place and congregation what to do in our own context.

God bless you,