The Monitor Lizard (Udumbu)

is a species of the lizard family.
A large reptile,
because there are species
which grow up to 20 centimetres in length.

They have a long neck,
a strong tail and nails as well as
well-developed joints.

If it catches you, it will not let you go.
It is used as a metaphor to represent
anyone taking a firm stand.

The faith of the Shunammite
was similar.
A woman who was firm in her faith.

Neither her husband
nor the novelties
of the world could shake her faith.
Could she have been a relative of Ruth,
Naomi’s daughter-in-law!

Was she the prayer warrior
Daniel’s mother!

Was she the sister of Shadrach
who did not care for death!

Could she have been
the elder sister of Abednego
who swam in the fire
as if it were a swimming pool!

These are all the thoughts
concerning the Shunamite.
Yes, she was a faith warrior.

Living in a time
without churches,
without preaching,
living a life subject to Truth
this woman of truth.

Elisha was not subject
to money or ostentation.
Elisha who won over death!

Whenever he visited Shunem,
he usually stayed
at the Shunammite’s house. (2 Kings 4:8)

He is a holy man
said the Shunammite
to her husband with joy.

Let us build
a small room on the roof… (2 Kings 4:10)

In this conversation we see her
giving respect to her husband.
She was like the sister Susanna
who ministered through her substance (Luke 8:3)

Her husband
possessed a good heart.
He was not the one who said
Stupid, do not be a mad woman
to waste money like this.
He did not say We could use this money

to build a house
and let it out for rent.
Both of them unanimously
built a small chamber
for the holy man.

There is a crowd called believers
They only have love in their midst

There is oneness
and unity over there
Is what we need to be saying these days

Before the open door is shut
Who will go forward
with that broken heart?

As the days turn dangerous
let us make time profitable
Who are those who move forward
with a broken heart?
After finishing singing that

Before the open doors
of that church closes,
How many differences?
Discriminatory activities, Caste fights,
Chair fights, Speeches for power,
Like political scenes
of money and race
These individual divisions.

Amidst all this
Only songs
In one voice
With sweet music
Will they finish singing
With the choir master

The oneness between
the Shunammite woman and her husband
cannot be seen
amongst a hundred people.

As people increase,
Wealth increases,
Oneness decreases,

Having sung “I surrender”
many times,
How many have
even once truly

However, the Shunammite
and her husband acted
in unison.
Like Aquila and Priscilla
Even though they were childless
With childlike hearts
they, of one accord, stood up to support Elisha.

It would not be an exaggeration to say they were
Like Zechariah and Elizabeth
who saw a novel thing in their old age.

Written in Tamil by
Pastor J. Israel Vidya Prakash
Living Water Ministries, Madurai -14

Translated by
Sis. Sulbi Rao B.A.,
Media Translator (English)