While speaking to
Apostle Peter
He fell down
Ananias gave up his life
(Acts 5:5)

Whilst in the church
Being there
To quickly help,
To rise up
And bury
Was not Peter,
It was the youth in the church!

After hurriedly finishing
Ananias’ burial
Quietly standing by the church’s door
Another ministry awaited
The waiting youth!

After an interval of
Three hours
The second… service
( Acts 5:7)

No no …
The second burial!
Like the husband
Fell she
In the middle of the church
Gave up her life,
Sapphira who heard the Truth!

Sapphira means
Which means sweet

Even this time
Not the Apostle,
The youth team
Finished the burial

These must do the burial
These only must come
No room was given for such talk

The ones who
Filled their hearts
To lie to
The Holy Spirit,
Received not a
Green forest!

Only a covering!

Like on a Corona patient
Using the covering to wrap
Within a few minutes
They completed the work

After selling the land
And mishandling the
On account of
The ones who expired

The congregation
Experienced trembling in their minds
This could not be measured
In the Richter scale

The church received
Shock treatment
The believers received
Electrical treatment

This was not a Master Health check-up
This was the Master’s Health check-up

Frightened by this
No one left the church
To go to
The church in the
Next street

Reason being,
There was no other church
In the next street!

Each street has
Four churches
If not
This sanctuary
Another nice sanctuary
Is the mind (set)
Of the believers wandering minds

In addition to this handicap
During these lockdown days
Pastor’s action welcome
Like ransom spoken
For those taken as hostages
And carried away
This tragic situation has occurred

In that gate Beautiful
For nearly forty years
The one who sat
Did not change (Acts 3)
His church!

Whether the church door
Was open
Or closed
His location
He did not change!

Every day to church
Would he come first
Would leave last
Such a Staunch Beggar

Was neither a believer,
Nor someone with comforts
Was a companion of the lame!

His was a true church
The way he conducted himself
Set up a
Wide rail-track for a miracle

How many people
Come to the church? This
Even the Rabbi did not know!
But he knew

The faces of everyone
Thoroughly knew he

That day when
Peter and John
Entered the gate Beautiful
The one who was disabled
Received a miraculous release
This was that miracle festival
That happened at the Beautiful gate

Praising, he arose,
Walked; walked, jumped,
Praising God,
Entered the sanctuary

Having sold the property
A part of it,
Walked tall

Carrying the scripture
Walking many roads
Entering the church

And what happened quickly
Will not be a responsibility
Of the church!

Without any noise,
Without singing
Heaven is my

Not stating to the church
That they were truthful
That they had not given false testimony,

Not saying that they had fought
A good fight
The pastor without
Telling a lie on his part,

Young Timothys’
Rise up as
good soldiers
On the warfront

Who together deceived
Giving way to satan,

Even today
To think of the incident
Where side by side
six feet under
The heart trembles!

In these end times
During the Lent time
It would be well
To meditate
On this

Let us plead
Our innocence
Through the body of Christ,
That is the church,
And through the blood of Christ
( 1 Corinthians 11:27)

For more than forty years
The one who lay at the gate of the church
Entered the church
That day
(Acts 4:22)

The ones who heard the Gospel
From inside the church

Who gave testimonies that
The Lord gave land,
The Lord gave a house,
Praise be to
The name of the Lord

That day
Were buried
(Acts 11:34)
At Kibroth-hattaavah

In a little
In lack
The one lame by birth
Who remained true
Jumped up and walked
And entered into
The joy of the Lord

For to be carnally minded is death;
but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

Romans 8:6)

Wherefore, let him
that thinketh he standeth
take heed
lest he fall.
(1 Corinthians 10:12)

Written in Tamil by
Pastor J. Israel Vidya Prakash
Living Water Ministries
Iyer Bungalow, Madurai – 14

Translated by
Sis. Sulbi Rao B.A.,
Media Translator : (English)