Those who declare allegiance

Simply to understand the following!

A. There is an adversary who always prompts evils in our lives.

B. To understand that we are nothing. The world is temporary but there is an eternal World.

C. To understand the law of God, there is a morality where we need to understand the humanity and God.

D. To understand there is God who can do anything that none can stop Him from doing whatever He wants.

E. To understand the real faces and attitudes of our fellow human beings in the situations like this.

F. To understand there is death in life yet there is life after death. To search for the way and truth in life.

G. To understand that all we need is grace. The power of grace is seen in the situations like this.

Therefore let us not doubt God and murmur against Him but start worshiping Him for He knows what is best for us.

God bless