Broken Heart – Christian Quotes

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Christian Quotes – Broken Heart

When someone doesn’t like me,
I always think you will like me forever.
When someone stamps on my feelings,
I always think you will never do so.
When someone crushes my thoughts,
I always hope you will never hurt me so.
When someone pushes me down,
I always trust you will never let me down.
When someone never needs me,
I always know you will hold me tight.

When someone leaves me alone,
I always know you will never leave me so.It’s all not because I LOVE YOU.
It’s because you love me more than I could love myself !
Whenever My Heart gets broken into pieces,
I just hand it over to the CREATOR.
Because he only knows where to fit the right pieces …
You brought smile in my face …
And made me feel special about myself …
Your the bright light …
In my path of darkness …
Your my strong hope …
In my drastic failure …
You are the joy of my life …
In my painful tears …
Your my all time favourite sweet song …
To which i desire to dance …
Your my heart ..
Your my life ..
Your my love ..
Your my need ..
Your my everything ..
All i need is you  you alone Lord ..

Blessy Beviston

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