Caleb hoisted the Flag of Independence “EIGHTY-FIVE”

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The only thing worse
than being blind
is having sight
but no vision
Was what Madam Helen Keller (1880-1968)
had written as a trail blazer to those
who had eyesight.

If there was a powerful one
It was Caleb, the son of Jephunneh
who went to spy
He was one of the heads
of the twelve tribes

Before our tongue
can even finish saying Caleb
we are reminded of the name
Joshua in a way
which cannot be prevented.
It was to that extent that they
had lent their shoulders to Moses

These two were not born
from the womb of one mother
they were not twins
both were leaders who had
received God’s vision.

Caleb was a forty-year old
middle-aged man,
when he had gone to spy on Canaan.
among those who went
to Canaan
to gather information, except for
Caleb and Joshua
The other ten persons
departed from their path of faith,
forsook their vision of faith
Forgot what the Lord had told them
and recounted what they had seen
Quickly spreading
negative information
Thus influencing
the hearts of the people.

Even today
there are such people
at home, in the country
In the world they live in good health

Those ten persons were not believers
They were just critics, that is,
They had forsaken the fruits
And bore only thorns and dried branches

They were like camels
Who grazed on these
they were coarse, rugged people.

Like leaders, they would
just lift their heads and look
they would see but they did not possess
the qualities of leadership

Out of the six lakhs men
who came out of Egypt
It was only Caleb and Joshua
Who stepped into the land of Canaan

Wherever the feet trod
It would belong to my Lord
Wherever the eyes looked
The flag of Calvary would fly

Beginning with song of their father
they participated in
their independence programs

All those believers
who were above twenty years of age
perished (Jude 5)

In the wilderness for all forty years
On one side there was worship
On another side worship during Burial
Wonder how Pastor Moses was able to cope!

The impact of Corana
Is nothing it is the negative impact
of the tongue
that was the reason of the
several lakhs of deaths
In the wilderness.
This person Caleb
Was a different man

He was not a teenager, neither a young man,
not even a descendent of Elijah,
nor did he belong to Enoch’s family
he was Jephunneh’s son

It was not what he saw
nor what he heard It was what he felt in his heart
that he brought as good news
to his leader Moses

Something in the mouth
Something else at the door of the house
Something in the heart
Something else at home
This was what he could not talk

For example,
Only Jesus is the head of this house
was what they would have
sung with their mouth, but
they would be the one’s
in charge there
This is the feast of the Lord
was what they would have sing
have you read about those
who worshipped the calf,
In the Bible?

“A brother who accompanied me,
had tarnished the hearts of the people;
But I have followed my Lord uprightly”,
was what could be said
was publicly proclaimed by this upright person.

Today I am 85 years old
(as a birthday gift)
Give me the mountain region
of Hebron, he asked,
Defeated the Anakites
Victoriously, hoisted the independence
flag, this was Caleb.

It is better to struggle for something
than to get it for free,
Said this highly principled person.
Relaxing, reclining, sitting
getting habituated to taking medicines
at an age where one
usually has companions with a walking stick

On that day said Lord give me this city on this mountain….
If the Lord is with me and if the Lord says so
I will drive away these people
said he, raising his chest that uncle
Just take a look at his age

For today’s young society
CHICKEN 65 is something they know
Do they know
CALEB 85 who asked
Give us a chance to achieve something

Like a lame longingly asks for pure honey
This was not the situation for them

Let us just ask put an application for it
If it comes, it comes if not, it goes
It is God’s will was not the ideology
They talked about.

What I ask will I will be able to achieve
was the faith, the strength that was there
Forty years ago still is there today
Was the belief, these two
Pushed this righteous man forward

The word of the Lord did not change
Caleb, who walked with the Lord
Increased in age, but
His strength did not decrease

I will destroy the strongholds
Of the Anakites
Will go against them and destroy them
Will climb the mountain and
Will plant the flag of victory for certain
He had asked Joshua

Caleb brother, you are
Old now do not take this test of poison
nor put on heroism

Just be quiet was something
Joshua did not tell him
nor did he turn him away

When asked for the opportunity
regardless of the age
not considering the age
Joshua gave the opportunity

Caleb ’85 was agile as a bee
A wise person having patience
Caleb EIGHTY FIVE put on humility
As a garment a dress that he wore

He bowed his head to the judge
he held the shield of faith

He obtained the mercy of the Lord
to be a faithful person.
(1Corinthians 7:25)

Nowadays there are plenty
of Indian youth who wait
for opportunities

These are the ones who gave
opportunity to Israelites
They climbed the mountain region of Hebron
Hoisted the independence flag
breathed the air of freedom

Keep Caleb 85 an aged but
youthful person as a Role Model
youth who are living in independent India
What are you going to do tomorrow?

Surrounding you there are ones who have lost their beliefs
Who are weak, rotten, backsliders who say let us eat and drink
For tomorrow we will die who form a group
And when they are confessing
Such fruitless words and being idle

They are like camelwalking tall
In a desert saying life is an illusion
In these days of curfew

You have to turn into a Caleb
Turn into a man of strength
Become a spring of water become a fertile garden
Fill the country that you live in with words

Caleb was a deer
A righteous man who loved righteousness
Because the Lord had made his feet
like a deer’s feet and made him climb the high places
To hoist the flags it has been 73 years
Since India has received independence
In this 74th year do you not want
Real independence?

Do not look at age
Look at the Word
‘Look’ for the opportunities
That come searching for you

Do not want BAR do not want WAR
Do not want BEER
I just need YOU
Say out loud
Praise the Lord

We will rejoice
In Your Salvation
and in the name of our God
we will set up our banners (Psalm 20:5)

Celebrate the salvation that you have received
by raising the flag of deliverance
The Lord will give you the good things;
Our country will also give its reward.

Live and flourish
Greeting you with love
Pastor J. Israel Vidya Prakash
Living Waters Ministries, Madurai – 14

Translated by Sis. Sulbi Rao, Chennai.

தமிழில் வாசிக்க..

சுதந்திர கொடி ஏற்றிய காலேப் “EIGHTY FIVE”

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