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God has created all of us as His Children. There is no difference at all. When you enter a garden there are so many types of flowers in different shapes and colours. Like wise human beings may look in different colour but all are ,” in the image and likeness of God.”

Human Love is Temporary, and it is not permanent. There are five drives in all of us. 1. Sleep. 2. Hunger. 3. Thirst. 4. Sex. and 5. Escape. All the above must be controlled properly. Other wise there will be failure and disappointment. This is life.

God’s love is permanent, immutable and everlasting. That’s why people found religious faith as a result of search for the Divine Love. One of the characteristics of God is Love. ” God is of Love.”. Nothing can be equal or compared to the Divine Love.

If you hear the stories of people it will give you a warning if you are single. A young boy loved a girl so much. He spent hours with her took her to the best restaurant. One day that girl told him,” You are my dear brother.” He was disappointed and couldn’t come out of it.

One day a lady came with a news that someone wanted to marry her and her dad was very happy. On another day she came with a letter. Her hands were shaking and her face was filled with fear.

The man who wrote the letter by mistake he posted to her. That man was already married. He wrote a letter to his wife saying if she would not bring certain amount from parents he would leave her.

By mistake he posted the letter to the one he wanted to marry. The girl’s eyes were filled with tears. I told her thank God for saving you from a wicked man. Later that lady got married to a loving husband.

This is life. Why not put your trust in the Almighty God. Ask Him to lead you and guide you. He will lead you till the end.” For you are my hope O Lord God; You are my trust from my youth.

By you I have been upheld from birth. You are He who took me out of my mother’s womb. My praise shall be continually of you.” Psalms 71:5-6. Bible.

Rev. Dr. Jeyapalan

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