Powerful Lessons to Learn from the Life of Joseph

How to identify God’s will, God’s purpose, God’s meaning and Gods call upon our lives by the renewed minds and fulfill God’s vission in our lives?

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It is significant that we must understand God’s will and Gods vission upon our lives. Our minds must be renewed to perceive what is good and evil and our minds should realise what His will without conforming to the worldly pattern. Rom 12:1-6′

The major of purpose of God’s will for us in this world to get evangelized and get edified for the eternal kingdom yet to come. These are the two major functions in doing God’s will. In other words we must receive His goodnews and we must declare His goodnews and the next we must get edified and we must edify others for these are very reasons that we must understand His will in our lives. Salvation, holiness, healing, praying, worshiping and giving are the major God’s will in our lives.

In order to get our minds renewed and get understanding God’s will we must follow the followings.

A. Our minds are renewed when we hear the message of salvation that is through Jesus Christ. It is the general call that none should be perished. We must face His servants who can share the good news of Jesus Christ that we might experience God’s power through His salvation experience. Repentance, convictions of sins, confessions of sins, believing in the heart that is Jesus is our saviour and confessing with the mouth that Jesus is the Lord and then getting baptized in the water is the first step of getting our minds renewed and getting the understanding of God’s will in our lives. Without this experience no body can understand His will in life. When we accept Christ as Saviour His blood will cleanse our generational sins and every past sins and we would be cleansed by water as well. When we do these things we are new creation in Christ, we are reconciled with the Father through His son, there is no condemnation and we are called to be His children, no longer that we live but Christ liveth in us. Only then we bigin to understand His meaning and purpose of life in our lives. Therefore we must face the mesages of goodnews either through any of the ministers or belivers of the gospel and we have to share God’s good news in general to get our minds renewed and to get perceived God’s will in our lives. Without this first step we would not be able to understand God’s will when we become new creation in Christ only be able to understand God’s Idea.

B. After responding His general call of accepting His salvation we must move to the understanding highest call by denouncing the perverted life styles and seek after His kingdom and the blessings of the highest realm of His heavenly places because His plans are revealed from His highest place. We are then given the spirit to call Him appa Father- the sonship. We must seek after the treasures of wisdom, knowledge, redemption, gifts and talents that are stored in His heavenly places. When we seek after His kingdom we shall be added everything unto us to do His will. Jesus is seated to be lifted at the right hands of His Father we must seek after His blessings in His throne because from His throne alone all the authority, power, gifts and strength come thorouh His spirit. We should get filled in His spirit and get the unction of the Holy Spirit to move in the understanding of God’s will in the highest level. As we receive His spirit we are sealed by His spirit and cleansed by His spirit as well. Mostly the apsotalic calling is where one gets filled in the Holy Ghost. This is an apostalic experience wherever the apostles went the gathering got the unction of the Holy Spirit. The apostalic experience widely helps us to understand His will.

C. Thirdly we should not neglect the fellowship of the saints where we get cleansed by the power of His words through shepherding, the teaching of His doctrines and partaking of His table. Then our minds get renewed by going through these process. Partaking of communion and the fellowship of saints give us proper understanding of God’s will in further. We must go through this process through pastoral care, pastoral rebuke, pastoral correction and pastoral guidence. Without these proces it is very difficult to understand His will and purpose in our lives. We must get connected with the body of Christ where Jesus himself is the head of the Church. He alone teaches the perfect God’s will in our lives. No person, no tradition, no experience and no knowledge are not enough to instill His will upon our lives than getting ourselves connected in the spiritual congregation that connects to the headship of Jesus Christ.

D. Fourthly we must not avoid the spiritual circles to understand His will upon our lives. The company and friendship of God’s people together will teach us His will upon our lives. Prayer life, word life, worship life and the fellowship of saints are not to be missed out. Our prime intentions must be on those above things.

Jesus prayed and He intercedes for us being seated on the Throne, even the Holy Spirit does the same, Jesus has given us His teachings to learn more of Him, the Holy spirit is also reminding us from the words of Jesus Christ about what is good, what is evil and what is the world and the righteousness.

Jesus thanked and praised His father wherever He went and brought glory to His Father.

These are very important things in taking decisions. The teachers of the Bible and the Godly prophets can teach us in decision making and in determination of what is right and what is wrong. Our companions, our prayer life, our worship life, our knowledge of God’s word and comprehensive nature of God’s words are very much important in knowing God’s will. If we don’t have these circles it is very difficult to understand His will rather there will be caos and confusion will prevail.

E. We should learn to grow in the mind and attitudes of Jesus Christ. We must know the mind of Jesus Christ in the understanding of God’s will and Gods call upon our lives.

Though we have meanwhile lots of spiritual experiences, gifts, revelations, vission and heavenly blessings we must understand that we all receive these in the persihable body. That is the mind of Jesus Christ, though He was equal to the Father yet he considered himself to be slave. We have to bear this thing in our mind always. Humility is the best way to understand His grace.

Jesus never did things on independently. He always did what His father did and sought after His Father s glory and received recognizance from His Father alone. He said His food was to do His father’s will. He had a company of brothers and sisters who did the will of God as well. We have to be loyal to where we belong to either it is our family or denomination. There is no God’s will in individual independent but one must get closer connection with their functionality.

Jesus always did what is good , He went around doing goods inspite of His discomforts situation. He never loved to be served but He served the people even served His disciples.

He had a mind of taking up the cross and suffering. He never tried to escape from suffering rather he accepted the cross and he lived in a poor family and spent most of His time with His disciples and people in suffering. We cannot understand God’s will escaping hardship in our lives. We have to embrace the cross to do His will.

God reveal His prophets and the prophetic learning and warning is very much important in the perception of God’s will in our lives.

F. We have to grow in overcoming life. We are to be overcomers through His power, through His words, Through His blood and through His name. The continued life in failures will not regonize God’s will in lives. Therefore

We have to overcome our past sins related with generational curses, herdictory and genealogical sins. We must overcome our past guilty conscience, bitterness, hatrednes, unforgivenes, and old natures must be overcome in order that we may understand His future. Forgetting the past is very much important to know the future, without coming out from the future one cannot enter into the future.

We must overcome the World and the love of the world is enmity to God. The pride of life and love for the world and wealth will hide us from learning God’s will in our lives.

We must overcome our flesh. We should not feed too much on the fleshly thought. Our mind must be renewed with His spirit daily. The lust of eyes and distractions in the hearing must be corrected to hear God’s voice. The desire in the flesh will produce emotions and infatuation but the intuition in the heart will be able to distinguish God’s will in our lives.

We must know the tactics of devil. If we don’t overcome him we will certainly loose lots of heavenly blessings that are in His kingdom. We must wear the armour of God and learn to grow in resisting the devil only then he will flee from us. We must be trained in the Lord to face the devil in order that we may defeat him in the name of the Lord.

Those who are overcoming will inheritance the heavenly rewards that are in store for us.

G. We must have a witnessing life. In this place only we will certainly decide our interests and disinterests. As we grow in witnessing for the Lord there will be an experience of peace, joy of doing things and thr satisfaction of doing things and strength of doing things would be also experienced. When we experience such things it is good to know finding Gods favour and strength in doing things that will determine what ministry we must do and when we do accordingly that will surely prosper.

God has given us the Spirit of wisdom to choose what to do and what not to do! God’s gifts and fruits are operated when we do witness for His kingdom. As we discern from doing things for God we can determine if we do things that will prosper or not. God operates things with the gifts given to us in the five-fold offices mentioned in book of Ephesians. Therefore we must identify where do we fit in God’s gifting. God fits us the place where we belong to in His kingdom that will be revealed when we do strat witnessing for Him.

These are the biblical process to identify Gods will through getting our mind renewed by His blood, His words, His Spirit, His fellowship with saints, and witnessing and overcoming lives. Therefore one must understand His plans are purposes of his or her lives through His ways. May the Lord continue to bless you all that you may find His will upon your lived that you may glorify His name.

God bless

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