How to keep the covid 19 in control? Practical tips to the government!

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A. Identify the peak hours of people gathering and declare the lock down accordingly finding the proper alternatives.

Dissolve the peak hours splitting the time routines.

Alter the days of lockdown accordingly with time changing.

B. Emphasis and implement strong rules in social distancing and other covid 19 precautions.

Other than police department enhance health department to monitor the covid 19 precautions.

Call upon volunteers, other frontline workers and officials to cooperate with covid 19 system. Every media must stop spreading rumours about covid 19 and demand it’s stand with government.

Recruit temporary workers and well wishers in medical, social welfare and other departments to fight the covid 19

Warn and demand in cooperation of the people to be awareness of necessarily staying at home and follow the rules. The fear of covid 19 should also be handled well.

C. Strengthening the resources of all sectors to fight this covid 19.

Identify the proper resources and chanalize them properly. Draw line between the tamil, ayurvedic, homeopathy treatment to fight covid 19. Some times the small medicine will cure the greatest deceased person.

Call for Tamil people internationally to contribute and stand with Tamil Nadu to fight against covid 19.

Demand all rich people and politician to stand with the situation. Announce and encourage the good contributors with suitable privilages.

Analysis the capacity of the revenue income and maximize them (find every healthy ways to bring the income in) and minimise the unnecessary expenditure

D. Advance the precautionary preparations. Keep everything in advance as warzone basis.

Make sure enough medical and other frontline workers in hand if not enroll necessary workers for temporary basis.

Make sure all medication and medical equipments are sufficient in advance. Increase to store the necessary medicines, oxygen cylinders etc in advance

Demand the NGO s, educational institutions and other public/community places to shift into covid 19 wards in every village panchayath level.

Every district heads in every department to be in touch with proper signals take every steps in organizing the crisis management well in accordance with each district settings.

These will work out when we have the

1. Proper visionary planning.

2. Making strategies in tamil context.

3. Furnishing sources.

4. Implementation and execution of strategic planning in right timing.

5. Empowerment of power to right, skilful, genuine, hard working and faithful officials and officers.

6. Moral support and cooperation of every government engines and from the people.

7. Finally and evantually with the help of God and with His characters like love, grace and mercy we can overcome it because God is the foundation of every government.

Best wishes and regards
YMS (The strategic consultancy)

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