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Genesis chapter 31.

Jacob was a trickster. He told lie to his father, deceived his brother and received his blessings. But how could he receive the blessing of God? Let us meditate.

1. Jacob was serving Laban for 20 years, to look after his cattle in the wilderness. Wilderness is the dry and arid land. He said,” in the day the draught consumed me, and the frost by night and my sleep departed from my eyes”. Genesis 31: 40. Yes, he was wotking hard.
We are expecting to receive the blessings of God. But do we serve hard to take care of our cattle? We may say that l don’t have any cattle. Only our Pastor is our shepherd. No, our God has given us so many goats in this wilderness or world in our hand to take care. They are our husband, wife, children, brothers and sisters, parents, in-laws, all family members, friends, colleques and our visitors too. Do we serve hard like Jacob with sacifice? Do we pray for the salvation of them and to lead them to our heavenly Father, in Heaven?

2. He will leave the flocks to feed, roll the stone from the mouth of the well and give them water. Of course, it is difficult to roll the stone. Let us lead the flock towards the word of God, the living water.

3. He was taking care of the cattle believing the promise of God that He will be with him and making a vow. Therefore his ewes and she goats have not cast their young (not aborted).Genesis 31: 38. Like Jacob, we too should take care of our souls with prayer, so that they will not be backslided.

4. He bore the loss of these animals from the wild animals. Genesis 31: 39. We should also watch these perishing souls from the enemy satan, with our prayer, fasting and counselling.

5. He made the sheep and the goat to multiply, following the dream he had from God. He took the rod or branch of trees , peeled it off and kept them in the trough from where they will drink water. Today Jesus Christ is the branch, which is peeled off or stripped off for our salvation. When we look at him in our prayers and meditation, our sheep wil bel muliplied.

6. God has taken away the flocks of Laban and given to Jacob as per his vision. Genesis 31:7- 9. Because, Laban deceived Jacob and changed his wages 10 times.Genesis 31: 7. We should take care not to deceive anyone.

7. Jacob said, l have come here with my staff alone. But now l am going to my Father’s place, with the blesssing of 2 companies. We too came to this world with empty hand. But we should go to our Father’s house or Eternal home, Heaven, not with empty hand but with many
Souls and we should receive this heavenly blessings.

Let us pray that whoever read this, all should receive this heavenly blessings. Lord, bless us as you blessed Jacob. Amen. Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.

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