The bears sent by the Lord!

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(Vidya’s views)

Former farmer (2 Kings 2: 23,24)

Like the shadow of Jesus
Was Elisha

Farmer, landlord , prophet
Were the various dimensions he possessed
Like Boaz was he the owner of many acres 

Abel-meholah (1 Kings 4:12)
Was his birthplace,
Making the place his abode
Rooted in agriculture was he.
Ploughing the fields with twelve yokes
Driving and labouring
Involved in sowing and reaping

The busy Elisha
Was being watched closely by heavens
That he was Godly
Was seen by the Lord’s eyes
Elisha was chosen (Psalm 4:3)
On receiving the Lord’s order
Like Samuel went to Jesse’s house,
Taking the horn of oil,

On receiving the Lord’s command
Taking the mantle
Elijah set out
To meet the son of Shaphat.

The affluent Elisha who agreed
To work errands in ministry
Raised to a disciple,
Eventually changed by the Lord
To be the head of prophets,
Made him perform miracles
Twice as much as did Elijah.

It is that Elisha who was called
Who caught the
Oxen at the plough,
Slew them broke the plough
Cooked the meat (Beef Biryani)
Gave the people

After feeding the local people
Started off for ministry.
After this neither village nor plough
Did he see till his end.

Elisha’s name
Features in the New Testament
And in the Quran (Al-Yasa).

Elijah the head prophet who
Anointed Elisha
Was a harsh consecrator.
Eight years after
consecrating Elisha
He climbed into a chariot of fire
Went into the skies
To enter heavens
Seen by Elisha with his own eyes!

Beth means two and things
Bethel was a place full of Idol worship

From there some lads
Started walking in front of Elisha
Seeing Elijah
Saying Go up, go up,
Were such young men
Who ridiculed him.
Similarly they looked
At Elisha’s appearance
And mocked saying Go up, baldhead
Go up, baldhead.

The Lord’s eyes were watching
those who were speaking derisively
And mocking the Lord’s prophet.
The children who ridiculed him,
No, no, youth

After they left him
Elisha looked back at them
And cursed them in the name of the Lord.
Lord send bears,
Lord send wasps,
Send fire and destroy Lord
Was not what Elisha prayed.

Within two seconds of cursing
The Lord sent two bears
To the location of the incident.
The moment they saw the
Rowdies (sorry) bears
Like wild donkeys
They ran helter-skelter

Chasing the 42 lads
Tearing them to bits

The bears finished their ministry
And returned to the forest.

This tragic incident which
Took place high above ground level
Was written by Jeremiah in
2 Kings 2: 23-25

In the Scriptures.
You may remember
When Dinah was defiled
Both Simeon and Levi
Sprang on the men of Shechem city
Like those two bears,
And took revenge. ( Genesis 34:25)

David killed a lone bear
By himself.
He killed a lion which came against him.
After killing these two animals
He killed the human animal Goliath
As a winner he sat down
To government work
(1 Samuel 17: 34-36) ( 1 Samuel 18:2)

In those days whatever
service commission selection, involved killing
bear, lion, Goliath
Which were ultimately government tasks.
The ones who
Were not able to face the bears
And ran helter-skelter
Were 42 in number.

Reason being,
These bears were sent by the Lord*
The bear and the lion
Which came against David
Were sent by
Satan the adversary*

Without ridiculing
The prophet
If they had treated him
Like the Shunamite woman
The situation would have changed
Is my observation (2 Kings 4:9)

Amidst protests
Performing fourteen
supernatural miracles
Which is spoken of to this day
Former farmer

This tragic incident
Is written only to warn us.

We live in the New Testament times.
So without returning evil for evil
Apathy for apathy
Instead realising
that you are called
you receive blessings
by blessing others
(2 Peter 3:9) is the
Scripture we keep in front and run.
Vengeance is mine,
I will repay is what
The Lord says (Hebrews 10:30)

As written,
Do not take revenge,
Give place to wrath (Romans 12:19)

The eyes of the Lord
Are upon the righteous,
His ears are open unto their prayers;

But the face of the Lord
Is against them
That do evil(1 Peter 3:12)

Written in Tamil by
Pastor J. Israel Vidya Prakash B.Com.,
Living Water Ministries,
Iyer Bungalow, Madurai – 14.

Translated into English by
Sis. Sulbi Rao B.A., (Economics)
Media Translator (English)

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