The Outlaw Bible Student Demons, Jesus, and the Pigs

The Cry of the Brother at Gadarenes

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The Outlaw Bible Student Demons, Jesus, and the Pigs

English version: The Cry of the Brother at Gadarenes

The graves were his home
Demons were his siblings

The moment Jesus set foot on
The shores of the Gadarenes, it was like a withered tree
That this man caught Jesus’s eye

He had to cross a severe storm
To liberate this man of Gadarene

The Son of the earth was
Neither welcomed by the local leader
Nor by former disciples
At that seashore

Having forgotten near and dear family ties
Having lost control of the mind
Having lost the boundaries of communication
He was constantly

From the time these demons
Had caught hold of the Gadarene brother
They took over the burial grounds as if on lease
And were romping around in it

Legion refers to a division of Roman origin
Consisting of a battalion of 3000 to 6000 warriors

It is indeed surprising that these many demons
Unanimously resided in him!

Those having a sound mind
Are not able to have oneness in the church!

Crouching like a leper
at the foot of the hill
As soon as he saw Jesus at the seashore
He came and bowed down to Him

Jesus, Son of the most high God
He cried aloud and gathered the townsfolk

“Even the demons believe and tremble! ” is
What became a fact

The current Christian community
Enters the church
And also desires to leave quickly in that same speed
As a consequence, the yield of righteousness decreases
The stress to the mind increases

It was at the right time that the man at the tomb
Met the Lord face-to-face
The command that Jesus had sent while at sea
Was understood by that man
He arrived at the shore
To meet the One who had commanded

The day had dawned
The sun had risen
Three-quarters of satan’s kingdom
Had collapsed

The sun of Righteousness rose
The Righteous God started after the storm
and came to liberate that single man

After meeting Jesus,
He made a request
On behalf of the satanic beings

Jesus immediately accepted that request
Gave the order
Immediately from that high cliff
All the swine howled
And fell into the sea and drowned

At that same moment, the Gadarene brother
Received deliverance.

Remember, even Judas Iscariot had fallen
from a high position onto a stone
and his stomach had burst open

In the same way, Pharaoh and his armies
Were also called into the sea

He came to destroy the works of the devil
It is for this that He gave the orders
Why any surprise on this?

Meanwhile, the herdsmen of the pigs
Incited the townsfolk
And raised them against the Most High

Numerous have already risen
to do such revival ministries

As if it was something that is seen
On Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter
Immediately like 2000 pigs
Or more, people get together!

Seeing the Gadarene brother
Dressed up and sitting at Jesus’s feet
They were frightened
They were frightened
When he had howled like an owl at the top of the grave
They were frightened
When he sat like a lamb after deliverance

As long as he was tied up
There was no
Uprising by anyone
Neither did Jesus
Tie him up
Nor suppress him
Instead He had lovingly
Made him sit down
As far as he was concerned, before this
He could not even sit properly
In one place

This pathetic condition
is happening in the current generation

Rather than sitting down,
The human mind prefers to run
With whatever comes to the hand

Touching the device every minute
Appealing through WhatsApp,
Looking at the mail, failing
In life, rejecting advice

The demonized brother received a sound mind
The minds of residents became unsound
May be the ones who screamed
Release Barabbas
Crucify Jesus
May have had a connection with
This city of Gadarene!

They did not even have
A tradition of celebrating
The deliverance of one who
Belonged to their hometown

The people’s minds preferred
The pigs over the man who received freedom

A committee was immediately formed
To drive away the One who had given deliverance

When everyone who had reached the age of voting
Came together as a single mind
To request Jesus
to leave their borders
Jesus’ heart became heavy

Like He accepted the request of the demons
The request of these partners of the pigs
Was also accepted by Jesus

How did they have the heart to
Show the black flag to someone
Who had conducted a great deliverance festival
Without any money being spent and brought
The breeze of freedom to their town?

The Gadarene brother had
Watched everything
It was the first time that
He saw Jesus
At that same moment he
Completely surrendered his life to Jesus

He asked permission to accompany Him
The Most High did not permit him to accompany him
But gave him a ministry

The first evangelist of Gadarenes country was he
The songs of the demons after that turned to suffering

In the town of the little foxes rose
The first missionary, the former legion himself

Jesus looked at him;
Go back to your city and your home
Tell them what the Lord came down
And did for you

For the deliverance received, it is not the heart
But the intention that Jesus likes

Accordingly he went
“ What Jesus had done for him
He went and proclaimed
In the land of Decapolis
Everyone was surprised”

Decapolis means a group of ten cities,
He was the Pastor for all these ten cities!
Jesus completed His ministry
The boat also set sail
Jesus gladly started
Got into the boat and went to the other side.

The ones who waited on the ‘other side’
It is only they who were on ‘His side’!

With love
Pastor J. Israel Vidya Prakash
Living Waters Ministry, Madurai – 14

Translated by Sis. Sulbi Rao, Chennai

The Gospel verses which helped me write: Mark 5: 1-21
James 2:19, Mark 5:8, Exodus 14: 27,28, Luke 23:14

தமிழில் வாசிக்க..

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