The grace received by Grace!

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Hannah in the Hebrew language
Means grace
Hannah means Favour or Grace

From those days to these days
All over the world
Was this vessel of peace spoken about highly
It would not be an exaggeration
To say that it was Hannah

Even though called Grace
That Grace Needed the grace of God!

Because, Hannah’s family
Split into two
The entry of Peninnah
Caused a huge storm to blow

For Hagar, the one named Sarah
Squeezed the juices out of her

For Hannah
The one named Peninnah
Plagued her with words

Hagar, fled to the land she had left behind
Hannah, ran to the sanctuary of the priest

What the former received was born
Of the flesh
What the latter received
Belonged to the Lord

Peninnah Sparkled because of children
Hannah Suffered being childless

Like the darkness that
Occurred when power failed
Hannah’s household
Became dark frequently
Whenever Peninnah
Hurt her
Hannah’s heart
Became like the new moon (அமாவாசை)

Despite being at the height of grief
Even though tears flowed like the river
That was flooded, she only gave up food
And fasted and cried like a mindless Woman
She did not by her own hands,
Demolish her own house!

Discovering broken
Vessels like these
Building them up
In the faith pouring immeasurable blessings
Into them and making the world itself
Look back at them
Is what God contributes in a huge way!

When Terah died,
It was in that way
That He discovered Abraham

Even Ruth the Moabite woman
who lost her husband
was discovered in the same manner
in the House of Bread

Abraham became The Father of faith
Ruth became David’s ancestor

In David’s lineage
The One who initiated faith
Jesus was born

Hannah fervently showed faith
In the Lord who had shut her womb

Hannah endured
The torment of the co-wife
She did not proclaim bitterly that
The Lord has commanded bitterness
The way Naomi had done

She did not file a case against her husband
Like Rachel the wife of our ancestor
who had said give me a child or I die

She did not lament I can no longer
Live in this house Elkanah my lord,
I will leave immediately for
An undisclosed destination
There is nothing for me
This is not my ground!

Rather than staying at home
With a quarrelsome woman
I would rather stay on top of the house,
in a corner… no no
It would be better
To go off to the heavenly world
Was not the story or dialogue
That she spoke

Unlike the Shunamite woman
She did not put forth her need
To a human being Or a prophet
Without informing she ran to Shiloh
Unto the Glorious King
Who is able to turn a barren woman
Into the one who bears children

For sisters who need this
It would be good to download
This special characteristic feature

The fruit of the Spirit
Seen in Hannah in those days
Is seen not only in the believers today,
But also seenin the ministers of the five-fold ministry

At Shiloh Hannah bitterly
Cried out and put forth her petition

In the New Testament a woman with a priceless
Ointment broke it and poured it out
Much before she did this
It was Hannah who poured out her broken heart

There is a difference between
The ones who break their hearts and pour it out
And the ones who pour out their heart’s brokenness

Hannah and that woman
Are ladies who are unforgettable
The world is still learning
These lessons from them

The priest called Eli
Did not know the difference between people who broke
Their hearts and poured it and people who
Broke a bottle and poured out

This is not a visual disorder
But a disorder in holiness

That is why somehow
Seeing Hannah asked, why are you
Drunk to this extent?
Let your drunkenness leave you
He preached

He did not preach this looking at his two drunken sons
Hophni and Phinehas who were living with him

The Lord heard Hannah’s prayer
And made the plan to create the last judge

If the Eli of those times
Had got entangled with the Hannah of these times
Eli’s song would definitely be problematic

Hannah was a vessel of grace
Not only did she receive what she asked
Dedicating what she received that very year
Made her a beautiful vessel

That thou shalt set apart unto the Lord
all that openeth the matrix,
and every firstling that cometh of a beast
which thou hast;the males shall be the Lord’s (Exodus 13:12)
Had anyone preached this to Hannah?

The dedication and enthusiasm that she had
To go to the sanctuary once a year
If the women who go to the church every week
Had this then there would be no dearth of Samuels

The prayer of a mother called Hannah
Together with the support of the father called Elkanah
Met the needs of the Lord’s nation!

For the “ship of a nation”that was taking a wrong direction
This small family Shone like a lighthouse

The fasting prayer which started with crying
Ended with enthusiasm

The fasting prayers that begin with enthusiasm
Falls flat in the end

Whatever is asked for and received from the Lord
Whether it is Sam
Or whether it is Samuel
All belong to the Lord

She who cried in the first chapter
Was filled with the Spirit and praised in the second chapter

Yes. Hannah was a prophetic singer
So was she the mother of six children totally

Oh Hannah, you birthed prayer that day
Oh Hannah, you birthed history from that day,
You Birthed prayer worldwide oh Hannah, you died

Mother of prayer
Is there death for prayer?

Written in Tamil by
Pastor J. Israel Vidya Prakash
Living Waters Ministries, Madurai – 14

Translated by Sis. Sulbi Rao, Chennai

The Gospel verses which helped me write:
1 Samuel Chapter 1
Genesis 16:6 / Proverbs 14:1 / Genesis 11:32, 12:1
Ruth 1:20 / Genesis 30 / Proverbs 21:9
2 Kings 4:13 / Galatians 5:22, 23
Mark 14:3 / 1 Samuel Chapter 2

Tamil Version:

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